Accounts Set Up

We can also assist our clients with the facilitation to set up new private and general bank accounts, individual and corporate, both onshore and offshore, in multiple jurisdictions. The benefits here are self-explanatory, clients would obtain an international bank account in as many currencies as they require with SEPA and SWIFT IBAN features.

We have key partnerships with numerous banks in multiple jurisdictions, therefore are able to facilitate both the introduction and the onboarding process as well.

Should clients want a more personalised and bespoke approach, then we are able act as a proxy relationship manager working on your behalf with your bank account officer to carry out your necessary instructions.

The whole process could take anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks depending on the KYC.

Offshore Structures

There are numerous reasons for establishing an offshore company and many potential benefits, yet there’s also the challenge of set-up and management. We are on hand to guide and support you through the process of forming for example, a Jersey / Mauritius / BVI based or other jurisdiction offshore company, as well as provide the ongoing management services you require. For example, where this may be useful for you would be the set-up of a Special Purpose Vehicle for asset holding (purchase of property) and structuring to mitigate some tax liabilities.

Working closely with you, we can establish the best option for your requirements, then quickly and efficiently set-up the company. Once formed, we can provide all the ongoing company administration services required.

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